Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hawaii (lots of pictures)

Here we go!!!!!!!!! Hawaii!!!
Our hotel lobby, it was completely out in the open, no walls, no doors. Pretty interesting.

The view from our room.

Hanging out by the beach.

On Monday we got up early and hiked Diamond Head (an inactive volcano). So much fun, but SOOOO sweaty!

Yeah, we hiked that!

This is the crater of Diamond Head.

At the top, Waikiki Beach behind us.

The view looking down...much easier than walking up!
(Here are a few pictures I forgot to place in, sorry they are out of order)
While walking the Temple grounds I looked over and this was the scene!
So pretty driving right by the ocean.

Driving the "freeway".

The trees were amazing!

We took a visit to the Temple right before going to PCC.

Aww, pretty:) On Tuesday we went to the Polynesian Cultural Center. Students at BYU Hawaii can work here and earn their way through school so that when they leave they are debt-free. Most are kids from the islands that are represented, there were a few white boys too though;) This was my favorite part of our trip.

On our canoe ride through the PCC.

Some of the islands...

Samoa was my favorite! They showed us how they cook. So funny too!

Hawaii, showing us their true dances.

Float show at the PCC, all the island represented there do a tribal dance/music show. It was so much fun!

Tahiti was the best! It is crazy the way they move their hips!

Luau at the PCC

Kalua pig, the BEST!!!!!


Wednesday we went to Pearl Harbor. It was a humbling experience to see this first hand.

Battleship Missouri, it was completely sunken after the attack, crazy that they could bring it back up!

Arizona Memorial

Never realized it was so close under the surface.

Oil that is leaking from the Arizona.
Names of those who died at Pearl Harbor.

Thursday and Friday we just kinda hung out, walked around and chilled.
Miss it...

On the way to our massages(part of the chilling)! This statue has a live web-cam that runs 24/7. We called the kids and had them get online so they could see us.

Miss this too...

This was just at the aquarium, but I thought it turned out great! Looks like a poster or something.

Taking a walk along the pier on our last night.

While walking on the pier there was a ton of these crabs, We could barely see them. I'm surprised we didn't step on any.

I imagined this picture would turn out better. Our feet in the water as we stroller along the beach. (Romantic, right;) )

Finally a sunset that we could see! So beautiful! This was right outside of our hotel the night we were leaving.

Being in Hawaii was great, but it was so much better just to be Jared and Tracy for a little bit. I'm so glad we got this trip that we have these memories to keep with us.


  1. Sooo wonderful! Glad you got some couple time. Hope we get to go there someday!

  2. So fun! I'm totally jealous. And I know just what you mean about just getting to be "Jared and Tracy".

  3. One word JEALOUS! I'm so glad you had a good time!