Monday, January 10, 2011

I have been really bad at taking pictures, no need to say how bad the blogging has been. It seems like so much has gone on and I have very few pictures to show for it. Jared would probably say that is a good thing;)

Christmas was good this year. It still surprises me every year how it doesn't control my thoughts like it did when I was a kid. Very weird since I have officially been and adult for 10 year, hahaha! See the matching stockings? Yep, I made them, 2 days before Christmas. I always think of things at the last minute.

Hunter got this fun and durable digital camera. It is pretty neat. You can fix the pictures on the camera and even give them fun borders and stickers.

Alyssa's 2 new crawling things. We like to race them and see who wins. She says her baby's name is Mommy and kitty's name is Sydney. The baby is a little freaky when being held up. Her legs just dangle down, kinda scary!

She asked Santa for a barbie house. "Santa" got it pretty close and didn't have to spend $80 on a real barbie house;)

What a cutie! I love his face!

Dancing Brobee!!!!!! He was sitting there letting Brobee "hug" him or at least I think that is what he was thinking. Got that?

Here are some other things from December.

Hunter wants to grow his hair out. It is freaking me out a little, but I figure we should let him express himself (dun dun DUNNNN!) He did look very handsome for church though. I'm not exactly sure what he wants to look like, but I think it could be the JUSTIN BEIBER hair. Maybe he will hate it and I can have my way!!!!!!

Getting his first patch/badge, whatever you call them. This is his Bobcat.

Alyssa painted her nail all by herself. I was amazed at how well she did. She would have been in trouble since I was in the shower when she did this, but she did so good!

I never let Hunter take a bath anymore, for 3 reasons. 1-He is too dang big now. 2-He still thinks he is little enough to lay down and splash around. 3-This is a new one and the picture explains it all.
I was getting ready and could see out of the corner of my eye that Jackson just had his hands in the water, playing and splashing. All of a sudden I hear a big splash and see this smiling boy all proud of himself that he could get in there. He didn't seem to realize that you are supposed to get undressed BEFORE taking a bath!

We went for, been thinking about it a lot, just took the plunge. So HAPPY about it. I love her new short hair!

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