Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Jack-Jack turns 2!

Our little tiny baby boy has turned into a...
...great big toddler!
Happy Birthday Jack-Jack!!!!

Jackson has decided that he loves dinosaurs (which is so nice since we have a huge basket full of them downstairs from Hunter's addiction!). So naturally, we went to the Dino Park for his birthday. He had so much fun and was on a bit of a dino overload! He would see one and say things like "Wow!" or "Whoa!" and then immediately be looking and running around for the next one. It was so fun! We were so glad that the Papa got to come with us. Jackson was especially happy to ride in his truck with Niko!

Papa taught him to go under the ropes and get on the dinos...

Brobee cake. "You want a piece of me?" This was so fun to make!

He actually tried to blow out the candles.

Not shy about eating it, he was actually grabbing pieces off of the big cake and from Alyssa's slice!

The favorite gift.

Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate Jackson turning 2! We love you little man!!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday Jackson! Covey's grandpa taught him to go under the ropes and sit on the dinosaurs too. And what an amazing cake!