Monday, January 10, 2011

10 years with the best guy...EVER!

I really, really love Jared! Sometimes it is tough to appreciate your relationship as husband and wife with life going on all around you. I was able to realize recently how much fun I have with Jared and how nice it is just to be with him. He has gone far and above this year! First he surprised me with a trip to Hawaii (we leave in 33 days!). This is "supposed" to be our celebration for our 10 year anniversary. On top of that, he still surprised me with a great night for just the two of us on our actual anniversary.

He kept it a secret right up until we got there, but as we got closer I had a pretty good idea what he was up to. First, we walked around Temple Square.

Then we had dinner at The Roof. We have been there a couple of times, but not since we had our kids. I love being there and seeing the Temple grounds as we ate our meal. We even got to see the lights turning on!

After dinner we walked around a little more. It is pretty weird to get a picture of just the two of us, actually just having us both in the picture is weird!

Then he surprised me with a night at Anniversary Inn. We haven't spent a night alone since Hunter was a toddler, it was quite over due;) This was under the tree (see more pictures) everyone "carved" their initials into it. I did both of these dates since this was the room we spent our wedding night in.

A waterfall shower, very cool!
The room is called "Swiss Family Robinson". The bed is in a tree, pretty fun!

What a great night to leave the world behind and concentrate on the most important man in my life, but the one who also gets the least amount of time, I'm sure. It was a nice bonding experience to remember why we married each other and why we still love each other. Thanks Jared for giving us this night. I would be happy with just that, but I guess I'll still go to Hawaii with you;). The last ten years have brought so much, what will the next ten be? I'm so excited to see!!!!!

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  1. Wow! Hawaii? That's freaking Awesome! Have so much fun... and Congratulations!!