Monday, October 25, 2010

Catching up

Here are a few things we have been up to...

Hunter is growing up too fast! Can you believe he is a cub scout already? I love it! It is fun entering a new parenting phase. Isn't he the most handsome scout you have ever seen?!?

Alyssa and her BFF Sydney. They love to have sleepovers, but sometimes they are together too much and just fight and whine. Then we have to keep them apart for a few days. True girls! Love the lipstick! Jared says Alyssa looks like the Joker...

Hunter chose to take 2 friends to Syracuse Family Fun Center instead of having a party this year. They had lots of fun (mostly with laser tag).

Pretty cool cake, huh? It was so fun making it!

Usually the kids wake up on their birthday with balloons all over their rooms. Jackson has decided that it is fun to bite balloons so needless to say, we had to change things up a bit. Hunter got this sigh hanging by his bed when he woke up.

About a month ago we had the chance to go to the Jazz scrimmage game. It is free, but first come first serve. Thanks to the craftiness of our friend Jana (being 6 months pregnant and pushing Jackson in a stroller by herself probably had something to do with it also) we were able to get front row seats! It was tons of fun seeing all the players up close. We might even be in a commercial this season. Here is a slide show of all the pictures. Sorry, some look pretty bad, I forgot to change the setting on them.