Sunday, October 10, 2010

Behind again...

So once again, I am way behind on blogging. I have a couple of cute stories to write down though.

First of all, I was in charge of the roadshow in our ward this past weekend. Hunter has come to the practices with me a few times and he was way into it and loved going. So I decided to let him follow along on performance night. If you know Hunter, then you know he always has every other kid around him laughing ALL the time. It is one of his best talents. While waiting for each of our performances to begin, guess where I found Hunter... surrounded by the young men and women in our ward, making them laugh and just playing around. I love that funny kid and apparently so does everyone else. We are so lucky to have a child like him!

The next story is about Alyssa. While we were in the car today, Alyssa had an old cell phone that they use as a toy. Hunter wanted it too, so Jared told Alyssa that once we got to Kaysville (we were just going to be driving by on the freeway) she needed to give it to Hunter. Alyssa replies, "Are we going to eat there?" After telling her no, she asks if she can get a toy there. Obviously she expects to go to lunch or at least get a toy everywhere we go.

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