Monday, September 20, 2010

End of summer fun

I have been blog-lazy the past few weeks so get ready for a ton of pictures! They are kinda jumbled...

Alyssa started a dance class. She loves it, but won't tell us what she does or show us her dances. We might just have to sneak in and watch!

Hunter is turning 8 next week. We celebrated a little last night at FHE with some Mario "diaper-head" cupcakes.

Jessica, Bekah, Ereka and Jessica's friend Madi came to spend the night a few weeks ago. We had tons of fun (especially during Wipeout!) and Jackson made a friend.

ALYSSA CAN EAT EGGS NOW!!!!!!!!! She had her oral challenge and passed so now she is no longer allergic to them, YAY! She LOVES them too. She eats them every morning now;)

We went to a chocolate factory to watch how they make it (and to get some yummy treats!).

We went to the zoo. This is Alyssa's best friend Sydney, they love hanging out.

The gorilla played peek-a-boo with us. He also read a book;)

Hanging with the Mr. Twos

Hunter and his friends selling snow cones. They each made about $1. We will have to start earlier in the summer next year.

We finally had a vacation with the Jackson side! Last time was at least 15 years ago, probably more. We went camping in Bear Lake. My Dad thought it was too civilized, I thought it was too wild. There were bathroom though;)

These look fun, but try biking them all over. I can still feel the pain!

North Shore beach was very nice, the kids had fun playing in the warm water.

Jackson slept then got in the water for 2 minutes then cried at me. He usually loves water, he wasn't having it that day though.

At camp with cute little Myles!

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  1. Way fun! You do so many fun/cool things with your kids.