Monday, May 24, 2010

Did you miss me?

I know you did! Wow, we have been busy...doing what? I don't really know. Just living life I guess. No news is good news, right? Here is the rundown of the last month.

What a stud!
Hunter went on a field trip to the DUMP. I know, I thought "WOW, how fun!" (insert sarcasm). Jared was home that day so he went as a volunteer. I guess it was pretty interesting though. Davis County has a pretty cool recycling system going on. Jared said there are only a few like it in the U.S. I would suggest going if you want to teach your kids about recycling.

We have little blue robin eggs again! Every year they try to build a nest in our BBQ grill. We usually see them flying in and out and go tear it apart. I know that sounds cruel, but the first year they did it, the eggs never hatched because it was too hot and they cooked:( This year has been fairly cool though, maybe we will get some birds!

On the warm days we have started our walks again. I would say this is one of my favorite traditions in our family. It is a very relaxing time to spend together, a great way to end the day. No surprise Hunter is in front and Alyssa is pushing her "baby".

She was getting down! Shaking her butt and all. It was very funny!

Daddy's twin. We could be creating a monster...or two.

We always blow kisses at bedtime. Jackson recently learned to do it himself. He puts the back of his hand to his mouth and does a big "muaw". Look at those eyes!

His new thing is laying down anywhere. He had his crazy walking stage, now I think that since he figures he can get up anytime that he can sit and take a break. I will look over at him and he is just laying down sucking on those fingers.

Hunter, being the crazy boy he is. He wanted a picture that made him look like he was hanging onto the lights. I'm sure what he really wanted to ask was if he COULD hang on the lights. I guess he thought that one through first. I should be proud of him;)

This is Alyssa's new pose. She asks to get her picture taken and does this, not sure what it is. Cute though.

The boys hanging out playing games.

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