Saturday, May 1, 2010

Pretending to have a favorite

Since Alyssa was born she has BARELY tolerated Papa, sometimes I would even say she loathed him. For about the last week she has been warming up and almost turned a complete circle in her feelings for him. She has called him and talked on the phone, hugged him and been generally happy when he is around. Yesterday Papa and Grandma came to get Alyssa to take her birthday shopping. She was so excited! She kept telling me that only she was going and that I had to stay home. This is "happy" Alyssa when they came to get her.

As soon as they got back from the store, Alyssa turned back into stone. She wouldn't look at Papa again. This picture is a bit of a fake...we had to tickle her to get a smile. Dad and I both agree that now that she has the birthday gift that she is going to go back to ignoring him. I guess we will see in the coming days. :)

P.S. This post is a part of the ongoing "which Grandpa is the favorite" battle. Papa and Grandpa like to let the other know when they get a little love from make each other jealous. :)


  1. That Alyssa knows how to work it!

    (I hope I can find "Bedtime for Francis" at the library this week.)

  2. Hey Tracy! Kaitlin gave me your blog address. Your kids are adorable and getting so big! Glad you're doing well. This will be a fun way to see how you're doing! We should all try and get together sometime!