Monday, May 24, 2010

Da, da, da, dum.....getting even

Or getting ahead?...And the feud for Alyssa's love continues.

As soon as I walked into Mark's on Sunday he told me that we had one thing to get done that day, get a picture of Alyssa on his lap. He has reason to want to get ahead. This week my Dad went so far as to call me asking for Mark's # so that he could send Mark a picture of him and Alyssa at lunch.

Look at that cute smile, what a funny girl. They are creating a monster in her, I bet you anything she know exactly what is going on. She is playing it too.

We got a couple good ones. She had been begging me all week to take her to Grandpa's house. She likes to play "4 swear", that would be 4 square for the rest of us.

Here is the getting ahead part. Jackson has taken Alyssa's example and turned a cheek to the Papa. I will expect a call from my Dad tomorrow to discuss this...;)

Mark may have the upper hand right now, but I'm sure this battle is far from over. Jared and I should encourage this, maybe we won't ever have to buy a prom dress, car, cell phones...we could really do well with this.

In all seriousness though. I am so happy that my kids are growing up with the two best grandfathers in the world! I am thankful they get to know of the love that both of them have for the kids. My kids are so blessed!

Check out the post below for an update from my blogger absence.

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