Saturday, April 10, 2010

Two birthdays and Easter

Happy Birthday Lyssy! I can't believe our baby girl is 3 years old! Alyssa loves princesses right now, especially Snow White.
I made a flower bouquet for our party at Jenny's house.

WOW! Look at all that princess stuff, no wonder she is smiling.

We had a girly princess party. Here they are playing "pass the tiara". We also made necklaces, body glitter and candy apples.

Playing jump rope with Grandpa.

Heidi made her a little cake at Walmart so we took that to Jenny's.
Alyssa was so excited for her "Snow White party". She has been more social lately with one or two girls at a time. I think we might have overdone it with10 girls there today. She got a little shy, but was still having fun. When she woke up I asked her if she thought there were presents sitting in the living room for her. She said, "Yeah, maybe we could take the gate down and see." For Christmas last year we put the gate up in the hallway so the kids wouldn't go out without us. It is funny she remembered that.

The Easter Bunny hid Hunter's basket really well.

Jackson's favorite place.

Hunter loves music. He has barely put this MP3 down since he got it!

Alyssa loves gumballs.

Jackson was too funny! While we were talking with the other kids about what they got, he realized there was candy just sitting in his basket. He had about 5 jelly beans in his mouth and was just stuffing more in. I'm sure he was thinking, "Mom left this here and she isn't taking it away, I need to get as much as I can now!" Darn! I just erased the picture. Oh well funny story still.

Hunter playing ball at Papa's house. Lately he is a sports junkie. If he is allowed outside he is only playing baseball or basketball. Jenny told us today that he picked up the sports page of the paper at her house and read it for about 10 minutes. What a funny kid!
Decorating Easter cupcakes.

My Dad likes to throw Jackson over his shoulder while hanging on to his legs. After doing this about 3 times, Jackson started trying to pull himself over Papa's shoulder is he didn't do it fast enough. It was pretty funny.

The kids and I made a sign for Jackson. We call him Jack-Jack sometimes, but Alyssa says, "Crack-Crack". We think it is kind of cute.
Jackson woke up the morning of his birthday to balloons all over his room. Soon they ended up in his bed and he had lots of fun jumping around with the balloons.

Happy Birthday Jackson!
His presents. Ok, this may look sad, but what do you get a kid who has hand-me-down toys from 2 kids AND who is going to be spoiled by everyone else? He loves them though. He loves to hit things, he got lots of hammer toys that day.

We took Hunter out of school early and went to the Treehouse Museum. They had fun, I love that place!

Jackson's favorite part, banging on the huge drums!

Pretend school.

Our baby Jack-Jack. I think he looks just like that.

While trying to help him blow out the candles, he took a huge handful of cake out of the side. He is an opportunist. He by far was the least shy of our kids with the first birthday cake. He dug right in and didn't stop.

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