Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Just one year

One year ago today Hunter was in school, Alyssa had just fell laid down for her nap (in her crib, wow that seems like so long ago) and Jared and I were playing Monopoly Deal, our favorite new card game. We still didn't know whether we would have a Jackson or an Oaklee. I started feeling a little sick so I laid down on the couch to see if I felt better. We were scheduled to be induced the next day so I wasn't worried too much about being pregnant still. After about and hour and a half I was still feeling my contractions, so while Jared picked Hunter up from school I got everything ready to go see if we were in labor. This labor was different compared to my others. As soon as I stood up and walked around the contractions stopped, but when I laid down they would go crazy. After the whole routine of waiting at the hospital and talking to my Doc., we decided to stay. Jared and I were both hoping it would still take a while, since we really wanted an April Fool's baby. With Hunter and Alyssa I got in, got started on pitosin, got the epidural and was ready to go. My Dr. was delivering two other babies that night so she just let me wait and see what my body would do. I had Heidi bring the kids up, I always feel sad and miss them too much if they can't be there. The one thing I will really miss about my child-bearing years is the excitement of waiting to meet your baby and knowing you are only a few short hours away from it. That is probably a feeling I will never forget either. I am grateful for an epidural and glad I got it when I did with the other two, Jackson was a different story. I was never in a bunch of pain, my contractions would come and go and I was sure that nothing would happen until they gave me the pitosin. At about 10:20pm after only being on the epidural for a couple hours they stared the pitosin since my Dr. was almost done with her last birth and wanted to come deliver me then go home. I guess it takes about 15-20 minutes to start working, but 5 minutes later she was in and I was pushing the baby out. 3 contractions and he was here! I remember when just his head was out and my Dr. said that "it" had a chubby face and I was sure we were having another girl-that scared me a little. Then he came out the rest of the way and she announced it was a boy and I was in total disbelief! My whole pregnancy I thought it was a boy, but at the end all my feelings were gone and I really wasn't sure. When I saw Jackson's face for the first time I was amazed at how much I loved him already. It is wonderful the way our hearts grow for our children and how we feel so totally in love with them right away. I love that it surprised me each time we had a baby also. When Hunter was born, of course I was new and that made me nervous. Then with Alyssa I had some anxiety about her. But that first night with Jackson was great. He was the third, so I felt like I knew what was going on and that I could handle just about anything. So I had no worries, we just cuddled and I was just content. The next few days are a bit of a blur, getting used to getting up all night and juggling three kids. I remember how bad I wanted to just go home and be with my family. I was worried about Alyssa having a hard time with me being gone at night and I missed being there with the kids. We had to stay the two night though because Jackson had a heart murmur they wanted to check out. When we finally made it home it was the best feeling, to know that our family was complete and we were all home and together. I feel so blessed to have Jackson in our family. People tease me that I love him too much, but I honestly think he helps me be a better mom to all the kids. It is wonderful to have a naturally happy child in our home.
Jackson loves Alyssa and Hunter and he thinks they are the funniest things ever. They will do the most random things and he will just bust out laughing. This is reserved only for them though, I guess we adults aren't silly enough for him. He loves to hit things, like with a hammer. He learned how to throw a ball a few weeks ago. His favorite book is a picture book of us. I give it to him and he turns to the page with Jared and points and says, "Da da". He recently started cuddling with Jared more. He has been a bit of a Momma's boy, but I catch him laying on Jared or just sitting with him. He loves patty cake, but likes to hold your hands and make you clap. His naughty thing right now is making messes. He gets by the kids' bookcase and throws everything off or gets into laundry baskets and takes all the clothes out. He likes to chase me down the hallway and loves to be chased by Daddy. As soon as you put him on our bed he gets even more happy than he usually is, then we bounce and flip until I get tired, he never gets tired of it. He likes to dance now, he will bend his knees and shake his head a bit then laughs. My favorite time with him right now is in the middle of the night. He has been getting up and being really sad when I try to put him back down right away. So I just rock with him for awhile. I never want to get out of bed, but as soon as I am cuddling him, I don't mind it so much. I just realized that he won't want to cuddle forever and he is getting bigger everyday so I will cherish this while I have it. Happy Birthday Buddy, we love you so much!

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACKSON! He is so stinkin cute! I love his little mowhawk.