Sunday, March 14, 2010

10 years and little funny things

10 years ago today I began working at Ream's, I never would have thought that that day would mark the start of the rest of my life. I met Jared on March 14th, 2000. The last 10 years have been amazing! I am excited to look back on our first 10 years together and remember all the great times. More on that in another post. Here are some happenings in our home...

Hunter, Hunter, Hunter...he never ends his silliness, but we love it! He came to me the other day with a pair of chonies (underwear) that had holes in them and asked if he could throw them away. This is his favorite part because he likes to rip them up first. After ripping the rest to shreds he still had the waistband. He brings it to me and says , "can we save this for basketball next year?", and puts it on his head. What a funny dude we have. I guess I need to get him a sweatband. It still is crazy that he will be baptized this year! What a great kid he is, he still loves entertaining his brother and sister, watching the Jazz with Daddy and cuddling with Mommy.

Alyssa loves her Daddy (except when she doesn't)...just a little family joke :)

I LOVE this picture! Alyssa has one blanket that no one is allowed to touch. She needs it near almost all the time and will not fall asleep without it. When she gets grumpy she just needs her blanket, pillow and apple juice and she will be fine. As you can see the blanket has yarn around the edge. She hooks it around one finger usually and then sucks on two of her other fingers (it is her little comfort thing) she does it when she is upset or sleepy. I found her like this one day, she has it around both thumbs and a pinky finger...making sure it doesn't get away!

I bought this hat and love it, she looks so cute! Just FYI, they sell for around $8-$10, but I found a website that sells for $2.25,

A prize from Chuck E. Cheese. It is lip gloss, but ended up all over her face. With her allergies I am surprised she didn't end up all swollen!
Alyssa has been learning some new sentences lately...
-"Hey, what's the big idea?" I figured out this is Donald from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
-"Oh, you bet I do!" This was when I asked if she needed to poop :)
I love her silly little attitude.

The kids playing ball today, I love that they are so close!

My totally ADORABLE boys!

Poor Jackson has been sick quite a bit lately, we have all been sick more than usual, not fun :(
My happy baby spent a few days just laying around or screaming. He is back to being happy now, I missed his smiling face and his cute little way of talking.

He loves to get under the table, I think it is his own little way of playing peek-a-boo or hide and seek.

Jackson is too funny lately. He has started imitating and it is the best! Tonight when I was putting him in bed I was shaking my head back and forth, swinging my hair. He loves that and thinks it is the funniest thing. After a few times he decided he should do it, so cute! He is still loving balls and we kind of think he is a lefty, he will grab the ball, put it in his left hand then throw it. He started getting the ball into our little basketball hoop the other day! Finally, he has learned the fine art of chasing. I was crawling down the hallway tonight, trying to get him to follow me. When he would get close I would scream and crawl a little faster. He thought this was HILARIOUS! He would start to crawl after me a little faster then would have to stop because he was laughing so hard. I am so excited to watch this boy grow!

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