Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rainbows, rainbows and more rainbows

I love St. Patrick's Day! Just since I have been a mother though. When you are a kid it is cool because everyone wears green for one day. I have realized there are so many things out there to make this day extra fun for the kiddies. Last year we did all green, so this year I decided we would have fun with rainbows. It was a lot more work, but totally worth it. The kids loved it!

Here is what they woke up to, along with a bunch of balloons all over their room. Mr. Wee Leprechaun came to our house and he had lots of fun. He left his footprints and rainbows all over the house!

He also left little surprises wherever he was found.

Here they are enjoying their crazy pens while I made....

rainbow pancakes!!!! With a pot of gold at the end, of course (lemon jello).

Once Jackson woke up he even enjoyed some rainbow breakfast. I just made his into mini pancakes, those rainbows were a lot of work!

Here is Alyssa's rainbow do, so cute!

Trying to get a picture of the three of them, Jackson just wanted to get away. They are so cute in green.

This is the best one I could get, poor Hunter was trying so hard to keep Jackson in his arms. I love Alyssa's face, what a cheeser!

Mmmmm, rainbow cupcakes!

After school they were able to follow the clues and find the Leprechaun's treasure. I did good this year and didn't get any candy. I feel like we always have too much junk food, so they got prizes instead this year and still loved it!

It is so fun for me to watch the kids having fun and I hope they remember days like today. A few funny things from this year were...
-Alyssa was so excited about everything until Hunter left for school then she started telling me she was scared of our "mystery guest". She wouldn't go to the back of the house without me all day!
-I showed Hunter the footprints and told him the Leprechaun had stepped there, so he told me that no, he just taped them on the wall :)
-Jackson loved the balloons! He was having a tough time with them though. He would try to lean on one to hold himself up, but it would slip out and he would fall. He liked squishing them though.
-Alyssa was looking at the Leprechauns and saying, "he's awake Mommy", like she was a little nervous he would start running around everywhere.
We missed you Daddy and hope you can join in the merriment next year ;)


  1. Holy MOly, You're Awesome! I've never seen St Patrick's Day made so fun. They'll totally remember that day... especially Alyssa. A little fear makes something more memorable. :)

  2. I love the rainbow idea. I think I might have to copy that idea next year. You are such a fun mom. Thanks for all the ideas.