Sunday, March 7, 2010

My talking baby

Well we are coming up on the year mark and Jackson just seems to be growing up too fast! Sometimes he doesn't even act like a baby anymore:( The other day I was trying to get his attention and calling his name, he turned to me and I could swear he said "wha" (meaning what). It was pretty funny. Then he did it the other day when I was calling Hunter. He is getting way more aware of his surroundings and what is going on. We were leaving my Dad's house yesterday and Dad was leaning in the car telling the kids goodbye. He started telling Jackson "I love you" in a sing-songy way and Jackson was being pretty vocal and I am sure he said "I love you" back. It was so cute, him mimicking my Dad. He also loves balls right now, if there is one in the room he will get it. He is just learning how to toss the ball. He will also go to give you the ball then take it back before you can grab it, such a tease! 3 1/2 weeks until the big day, can't believe it has been a year!


  1. Holy Moly, it's crazy huh? Wednesday's the big day for Covey. Are you gonna have a big grandeous party for him?

  2. I always want to do a big party, but then figure, do they really care? We are just going to take him to a baby gym in Layton then a picnic at the Dino park. He loves being outside, that should make him happy.
    I am excited to see pics from Covey's big day. Good luck!