Sunday, December 13, 2009

Look what I found under my tree!

My little Christmas present :) I HAD to post this picture! Jackson has been scooting backwards for awhile, but he usually goes away from the tree. Well this time I found him right under the tree. This is now his favorite spot to be, well I shouldn't say favorite spot. He gets mad when he scoots under there, but he is constantly moving to the tree.
Just a side note, he is so close to crawling and has a tooth about to pop up! He is our only kid who army crawls, so that is fun to see.

Ahhh, a lazy Sunday. I love when we can just sit around as a family and just hang out. We had a great night tonight and I wanted to blog about it right away. It wasn't anything spectacular, but I feel like it was one of those nights we will look back on and just feel happy.
Alyssa was doing Daddy's hair, ha ha ha ha ha (what hair?)

Beautiful, Daddy!
Look at Alyssa's face, so funny. She was trying to make a grumpy face.

Then Daddy got to do Alyssa's hair. She hates when I get the stuff out to do her hair so I was surprised that she asked Jared to do (brush) her hair. She loved it though! Daddy is very relaxing.

Such a Daddy's girl

During this whole time Jackson and I were cuddling, love it, love it!

Who can resist a close up of those cheeks!

Hunter said he wanted a picture of him doing homework, although he was just writing in a book. Notice his feety pajamas? He is so proud of them. He wanted me to make him some, ha ha, I am NOT that good. So I found these at Kid To Kid!!! I can barely get them off of him long enough to wash them :)

Lyssa and Hunter giving hugs.
Our tree looks bare, but I promise there is stuff on there. Hmm wonder why it doesn't show up, oh well. What a great night!


  1. What a nice relaxing night with the fam. Jackson's little mowhawk is so darn adorable. I love your family!

  2. I love days like that. Can I come and do Jareds hair to? Alyssa is so cute, you have to love having a girl.