Monday, December 21, 2009

Always a busy week

On my birthday we took the kids to Christmas Village in Ogden. This is the first time we have taken them and they loved it! After we were done we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. I have a picture of me on the saddle (they have you sit on it for your birthday), but it won't upload. We usually go out by ourselves for my birthday, but we have been out a lot lately without the kids and I thought it would be a fun night to share with them. It was great! Oh and each of the kids gave me a gift certificate to Bed, Bath and Beyond! Thanks guys!

Alyssa had her very FIRST haircut this week. It was getting really long in the back, but the sides were still pretty short. So we are going to keep it short until it all can grow in.

My Mom always cut our hair as kids so naturally she should cut Alyssa's.

Here it is short again. It was kinda sad :(

Here it is done after the cut, still looks pretty much the same, just a little more even. I can't wait to leave it down, I think the really good curls will come back!

Jackson got his first owwie this week :(

He was crawling around (yep, he is crawling now!) and he slammed his cheek down on a toy that he was playing with. He was so sad. I had to get a band-aid on it because it started bleeding a little. So, no that is not just a fashion statement.

Jackson is a funny crawler, he kinda does it all. He does army crawl, when he is being lazy. He does the scoot on his belly, which you can never really tell how he is actually moving, but you see him move. Then he does one where he plants his hands and pulls his knees forward without them leaving the ground. Then sometimes he crawls regular. It is a little sad watching him do all these things, I think I could have him be a baby for the rest of my life!
One funny story about Lys and then I am done. She was being bad yesterday so I told her that if she wanted Santa to bring her toys that she needed to be good. She tells me she doesn't wants toys. So I asked her , "You don't want Santa to bring you toys?" She replies, "No, a sooter(scooter)!" With about as much attitude that she could get into that.
Before I go I want to wish Jared a happy 9 year anniversary! I love you so much and I am so happy to be married to you!!!!!!!!


  1. I'm glad you had a good birthday! Poor Jackson. I need to get those little round bandaids. I've tried to put regular ones on Covey before and he just rips them right off.

  2. Her hair looks really cute! I know it is hard to cute those cute curls off.