Monday, December 7, 2009

First time for everything...even Santa

Notice Hunter's leaning away stance? And then his semi-nervous smile?

Alyssa was just trying to get away (as soon as she had her bag of candy, of course).

Jackson is bewildered...

Santa came to the kids' Christmas party at my Dad's house. It was strained, at least for my kids. Hunter went first and he was keeping his distance. He did warm up though. I guess he just needed to make sure Santa wasn't going to eat him or something. After he got down he came to me a said, "that was the first time I sat on Santa's lap". He was just a little proud of himself. Jackson was called next and if you know Jackson then you know that he pretty much loves everybody. Well, not Santa. He tolerated it fir about 30 seconds while he tried to figure out who this strange man was. Then his pouty lip came out and he got pretty sad (which is actually pretty cute to me). I figured that Alyssa could really go either way. She must have been in a bad mood, you can tell by the pictures. Right before she got called she saw everyone else had their candy canes and were eating them. She wanted one, but not enough to go to Santa willingly. I had to carry her over and hold her there so we could get a picture. No surprise, but she wouldn't even talk to him and tell him what she wanted, she just got her candy and ran.
It was fun to finally get pictures with Santa. I refuse to pay so my kids can sit on him and scream, so I guess that is why it has taken so long. Maybe now Hunter will like mascots a little more...

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  1. It's crazy how kids love Santa until they see him in real life. I LOVE Jackson's mohawk!