Monday, November 9, 2009

SYTYCD Tour season 5

This was the BEST birthday present ever! Dixie, her Mom and I went to the tour this year. It was so fun! There were the top 12 instead of 10 this year. We had some amazing seats, thanks Dixie! We were the first actual stadium seats, not folding chairs, pretty good for $50. Here are some of the best moments...
---If you remember the Russian folk dance and how everyone hated it, well Jeanine and Phillip kept showing up onstage in their getup and tried to dance it, pretty funny! Then towards the end the whole group came out and did a revised version that was awesome!
---The Cancer Dance, Addiction Dance and Heart Necklace Dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No words.
---The Bollywood, I love that dance now.
---The Salsa/hip-hop table dance, where the girls were slashing water while dancing on the table, love it!
---At the best....Jeanine and Jason's kiss at the end of the Heart dance!!!!
I would love to go every year, it was so fun! Oh and it lasted 3 hours! We thought maybe 1 1/2 hours, but no, we got 3! Thanks Babe for going against everything you believe in and telling Dixie to get the tickets... :) I love you!

I did 2 posts today, so look below for our fun Halloween!


  1. Oh Tracey I totally wanted to go to that sooo bad this year cause I loved all the dances you mentioned. but this year it landed on my Anniv. and I thought it would be cruel to make Lance go with me for our Anniv.
    Looked and sounds like you had a blast...jealous.... I am

  2. Contrary to what my husband may say...I too think that looks awesome! Glad you had fun!