Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Funny things from the Meldrum children...

Ok, I know this is a weird picture to start with. Everyone loves Jackson's natural mohawk. Some of us think it makes him look like Spike, though not quite as evil. Sorry about the bad picture, if you look close you can see Jackson's silly hair.

The kids have been doing some really funny things lately. I feel kinda bad because these are about Alyssa and Jackson, but with Hunter in school all day we don't get as many funny things from him. We miss him though.
Jackson first...He thinks everything that Alyssa does is funny! Yesterday we were sitting on the couch and Alyssa had the tape measure. She was pulling the tape out really high then letting it fall, wow Jackson was just busting up, he thought that was the best thing ever! Then a few days ago we were sitting just chilling and Alyssa's face was turned away from us. Every few seconds she would turn around and say "peek-a-boo" then go back to watching her cartoon. Of course Jackson was laughing at that, but when she would take too long (meaning maybe 5 seconds) to turn back to us he would make an uhhh sound to get her attention. It was really cute!
Now our little silly Alyssa's turn. She is potty trained, but still needs a diaper at night. The other night I was putting one on her and she gets a weird look on her face, then I smell something really nasty! I looked at her and asked her if she farted. Her response was, "no, it was just a widdle tiny baby fart". Need I say more? So today she wanted to play Candy Land and I asked her if we could clean up the rest of the toys first. "No I not clean up, sorry Mommy." WHAT, I don't think so! It was too cute though, I couldn't get mad:)
This last one kinda has to do with Hunter. Jared and Hunter went to a friends house to watch some football the other day. About five minutes after they left Alyssa comes to me and asks, "Mommy, when is Hunty gonna be home?", in her saddest voice. She was in my room watching a movie and usually Hunter is back there with her and they do silly things and play around. She really does miss having him around.


  1. That is definitely something to look forward to... having siblings to entertain the baby. Sometimes I think I bore Covey to death!

  2. Tracy, thanks for the co-op idea. I've gotten food from a co-op before, but it was monthly and mostly for meat. I checked out that website, but it's closed for the week. So, I'll have to try again next week. Thanks again!