Saturday, June 6, 2009

Our first "summertime" activity.

Alyssa's attempt at photography. I want my money back, or some airbrushing I see a double chin. ;))

So we are members of the Dinosaur Park and they were giving away free tickets to the premier of "Land of the Lost". You would think that the movie would be suitable for young kids. Not quite, Hunter's vocabulary grew a little bit that night. Thank goodness that Alyssa wasn't paying attention, she doesn't reason very well. It wasn't terrible, but I would not have taken the kids had I known. Hunter did think the movie was funny though. When we got back out to the car I told Hunter that there were some bad words in the movie (wishful thinking to hope he didn't notice, he has a radar for that kind of stuff) and told him that it is not okay to say them, he is such a good kid, he told me okay and that was it. He is very responsible for his age. Alyssa only watched when the dinosaurs came on. The kids did get Zane the Dino Brain to sign posters for them. They will be worth some money one day:). It was nice to get out with the older two, thanks again Heidi for keeping Jackson. Next time we will check the rating;).

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