Saturday, June 6, 2009

Last week of school!

This is Hunter's kindergarten graduation present, Monopoly Junior. If the house is quiet, we first thank the heavens:), then we look on Hunter's bed and I bet you anything he is on his bed playing Monopoly. We started playing with him a few months ago and he loved it. He is always begging us to play, but it takes so long, so we decided to get him the Jr. one. He is constanly on his bed playing now.

The trip to the zoo with his class, you won't see very many pictures of the animals. Hunter and his friends were better models.

Hunter and Ms. Tran.

Almost all of Hunter's class.

Hunter got a good close up through the window.

There is Micah, Hunter and Brooklyn.

The Mr. Twos

First bus ride ever!

All the kids were so excited to be on the bus. We got the back and all I can say is, thank goodness I am not pregnant anymore.

We had to get a picture by the bus. Alyssa loves buses so we needed proof. That morning Hunter told me that he just wanted to go with his class and he didn't want me there. I can't believe it has started already, he is embarrassed of me. I think it was because I am so bossy and he knew another mom wouldn't tell him what to do. I tried to be nice and let him pick who we went with and be silly with them. I think he still had fun.
The rest of the week was fun too. On Monday they had a dinosaur day. The kids got to bring dinosaur books, toys and wear dino clothes. Tuesday was the zoo. Wednesday was a Teddy bear picnic, they brought lunch to school and went outside with the teddy bears to eat lunch. Thursday was game day, all the kids brought games to share with the class. Then Friday was clean up day, they all helped out cleaning up the room. Only kindergartners have fun doing that, they loved it!

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