Monday, June 8, 2009

Widdle baby laughs:)

Jackson had his first laugh today! I have to add that the other kids are going to be upset because I never recorded when their "firsts" were. Anyway I have been trying to get Jackson to laugh for a few days and he gets close but nothing comes. Then today Hunter did the exact same thing that I was doing and Jackson just cracked up, it was so cute! Hunter was pretty happy with himself. I will get it on video and hopefully figure out how to get it on here. There is nothing like a widdle baby laugh!
One more thing, Hunter learned how to play Monopoly Deal with us tonight and he was adorable. He was so excited to be playing with us and he picked it up so fast. We were trying to help him and we just kept doing everything wrong, he had it on his own. He even won a game!

1 comment:

  1. It really is so much fun to have babies firsts laughs around! And yeah for Hunter for getting it out of him!

    That is funny about Hunter and Monopoly, I cannot wait for Mitchell to get big enough to play games, I love them, it will be nice to have someone around who will play them with me!