Saturday, June 6, 2009


Alyssa when we brought Jackson home, a little grumpy.

Alyssa now, sorry it is blurry, she was jumping. She looks happier now! She LOVES her baby brother. When it is time to feed him she always says, "Ifee'imnow". Translation: I feed him now. No, I did not forget to put spaces, that is how she says it, as one word. I get her all set up with him on her lap and then she is done after about 30 seconds, oh well I am just glad she is nice to him. She started hitting a little bit also, sometimes she aims to hit me but misses and gets Jackson and right away she is telling him sorry. I wish the rest of us got that. She is proving to be very mature with handling the missing attention, the only two drawbacks are the hitting, which we are getting under control, and she fights with Hunter (only over Jackson though). Hunter is an instigator and tries his hardest to get her mad too. I am not ready for the fighting. For the most part they get along very well, Alyssa thinks Hunter is the funniest thing in the world and Hunter loves to be silly, a match made in heaven.
Jackson at birth weighed 8lbs. 3oz.

Jackson at 2 months weighs 13lbs. 12 oz.! He has almost doubled his birth weight, what a big boy! It is crazy how you don't think they look so different until you see the pictures. He is getting so big and it kinda makes me sad since I know this is the last. He is the sweetest boy!
Hunter's first day of kindergarten.

Hunter's last day of kindergarten.
So much has gone on these past 8 months, our family is growing. It is so fun to see what will happen next. Hunter had a great year of kindergarten, he asked me today if he would ever see Ms. Tran again, so cute. His teacher for next year is Mr. Abel, Hunter said he thinks it will be fun. Mr. Abel looks like a grandpa so that makes the change easier. Junior Jazz starts in 1st. grade also!

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