Monday, October 1, 2012

The Surprise!

Sure! How about going with my four best friends? Sounds awesome!

This all came about while Jared and I were on our way to dinner one night WAY back in January. We have been semi planning a Disney trip for after our car was paid off. We thought it would happen this year, but we were just a little off. So Jared and I decided that instead of putting it off again and again (because we all know something else would come up that we would need to pay for...) we would just plan the trip! To save our sanity and the lives of our children, we decided that the best way to do this would be to surprise the kids. It was SO much fun planning it and having a secret for them! A few weeks before the trip we told them we were going to Park City. We packed the bags (which I had been secretly buying fun stuff and Disney related clothing for) and told the kids we needed to drop Grandpa off at the airport on our way to Park City. When we got to the airport we had Hunter read this letter to the kids.

Hunter was so confused! Alyssa didn't want to go on an airplane (even though all Spring she asked about flying on one!), Jackson was the only one we got a reaction out of at first. He thought it was pretty cool we were going to see Mickey Mouse. The other two caught on after a few minutes and off we went!

 Papa wanted to know how excited they were.

 Hunter and Daddy hanging out on the plane. Hunter got an iPod from the Grandparents for his birthday so he was set for the long trip there (we got cheap tickets, but had to stop a couple of places on the way there and back).

 Alyssa getting used to the airplane. This summer she became our little worrier. She cried pretty much the whole drive to Bear Lake because we were in the mountains and by a creek, she thought we were going to fall off the mountain and into the water:) She definitely gets that from me!

 She ended up LOVING the plane! This was pretty much what she did the whole flight.

Whereas Jackson, my adventurer, was freaking out. This is what HE did the whole flight, well this and sleeping.

 We are happy to be on land again and almost to the little house (what Alyssa calls hotel rooms).

Ahhh relaxing.

They found the Mickey ears I made for them, that got them excited!

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  1. Um.... this is just not sufficient. There's not even a picture of you guys at Disneyland! More More! Give me more!