Friday, October 12, 2012

Day 1 in Disneyland

YAY!!!! It is finally here!! We really didn't get much sleep in California. The kids were up so early and ready so fast (without my help or being ask a million times to get ready) must be the magic of Disneyland.

Don't they look excited?

This first morning we decided to use our early entrance passes. Not the best idea when you have to stand in a separate line first to actually pick up the tickets then go stand in the early entrance line. We probably only got an extra half hour of park time. Lesson learned for next time. First things first...Star Tours. Jackson was too short (I am thinking the best youngest age to take kids would be 4, they should be tall enough and hopefully not very scared of the "fun" rides anymore). It worked perfect for Jackson since he would have hated most of the rides he was too short for. While Jared took Alyssa and Hunter on Star Tours, Jackson and I went to "shoot zombies" at the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. This turned out to be a favorite for him and we went everyday, multiple times. Our first ride all together was Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage.

Here we are waiting in line (we did that a lot, weird huh?) for Nemo.
In the submarine

We stayed in Tomorrowland while Jared and Hunter went on Space Mountain. Then I took Alyssa and Jackson on the Carousel while Jared and Hunter went on Matterhorn. Then we HAD to go on It's a Small World...

 At some point (don't remember when) we wandered over to California Adventure. The little ones and I went on all the Bug's Land rides. Jared and Hunter took off to go on Soaring Over California and Grizzly River Run. Day 1 seemed to be the day for Jared to take his little man on all the rides he loved as a kid, good bonding time:) Side note, Jackson doesn't like Francis' Ladybug Boogie. It is similar to the Teacups. I thought he was going to pass out, his eyes were rolling everywhere as well as his head. I wish I had a picture though.

Heimlich's Chew Chew Train

 Getting our Mickey garden picture on the way out to lunch/dinner.

 We went to Rainforest Cafe for our meal the first day. Since we flew and did not rent a car we came up with a few ways to save money on food/meals. We got our free cook to order breakfast. I packed a whole suitcase FULL of snacks, we packed a bunch in a backpack each day. Then we decided to have one big meal at/close to the park each day. It worked perfect. No one ever complained of being hungry.

Hunter found a boa!
 They all needed pictures with the gorilla in the restaurant.

 Didn't you know it is hilarious to pick gorilla noses?

 Checking out the Lego Belle and Beast in Downtown Disney


 Haha, whoops here are the Carousel pictures.

We took a tiny trip into Toon Town. More on that later.

 Paying $4 for a sucker is not insane, even if one gets broken after 5 minutes and the other two never got finished...

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