Thursday, July 26, 2012


We saw it coming. My sister has a key to our house, that I have been meaning to take from her. We had a camping trip planned for the week after we "decorated" the Gordon's house. We knew it was coming, we just hoped they would be such luck:)

Fooling us into thinking they weren't able to get into the house. At this point I am still hoping Heidi was loyal to us.

They had me fooled, but Jared went straight in the house, just to make sure.

The stairs.

The living room.
The dining room/kitchen.

The bathroom.

The hallway.

Our bedroom. Yes, those are my bras hanging from the fan. Before you assume the Gordons did that, you should know I like to hang them there (I AM KIDDING!!!).
I think they used 12 rolls of toilet paper and 24 rolls of streamers. Very funny guys. They were kind enough to come help us take it all down in our 80-something degree house, mere hours after it had just been put up. 
"We don't get even, we get ahead!" -My Dad (thanks)
(Don't think we forgot YOU helped them, LAURA!!!)