Thursday, July 21, 2011

What we have been up to...

...A whole lot of FUN! Busy as always, but we have had a good summer so far.

Been to the zoo, first time I have seen the ostriches.
Look at Miss Attitude. We love it...really!
"Mr. Two's" are always our favorite.
Hunter is freaked out and Jackson won't even look at me. He loves monkeys right now.
Walked right under this, was a little scared it would jump on me.

Spent a lot of time being silly...
She likes corn, can you tell? She went around the table and ate corn off every plate then still wanted more.
Love it!
Jared had a birthday, 33 now! We like to make him feel special. The kids colored these letters and we wrote reasons why we love Daddy. Then he got pink and yellow streamers because that is what we had;)
She is good anywhere as long as she has the pillow and blanket.

We had a great time participating in the fundraiser for Faye! It was great to be a part of something so amazing!
My best time for a 5k, just under 36 minutes. Jared's worst (ok his best too since it was his first) :) 31 minutes.
Our game for the carnival.

Hunter's first Pinewood Derby.
I put all the weight on the bottom so when they let it go it just stayed there. He had a few Scout leaders help him fix it. Here is the new car.
Getting stuck:)
The old car.
He didn't win any races, but we are ready to fight next year! We love him and think he is a winner still!

Lots of time at the Splash Pad! I love this place! It is always helpful to have something fun and free to do in the summer.

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