Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bear Lake 2011!!!!!

We love our annual trip with The Meldrum's to Bear Lake. This year was really great (probably because last year was not so much fun, let's just say we had a 1-year-old...). Here are some of the highlights...
-new camping spot (always been to the same place since I started going in 2000)
-our own tent!
-yummy s'mores
-yummy dutch oven with the addition of Fale's teriyaki chicken (yum, yum it was tough to stop eating)
-HUGE shakes!
-being 5 minutes from Garden City instead of 30
-North Beach is way better than Rendezvous
-Alyssa playing by herself pretty much the whole time
-Hunter learning some water volleyball
-Jared diving for the ball and constantly splashing Bekah
-Tracy's not so good at water volleyball (or any other sport, in case you were wondering)
-pregnant women scare me when playing said game (Dix and Jess)
-following Jackson around trying to get him to put his floaty on
-trying to stay away from where everyone peed in the lake...
-big eyed creatures...
-chilling by the campfire laughing with everyone
-SKITTLES game!!! (89-88)
-trying to teach 8-year-olds to lie while playing BS
-candy bar game (we might be getting to big for this...)
-the kids having fun just being together
-spending time with the best family (Love you guys!)

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