Sunday, April 24, 2011

Two holidays and an odd Jackson

I am being ambitious today, two post and now I am up to date. Plus it is STILL Easter and I am putting up the pictures! (This could have a lot to do with the fact that both of the little ones fell asleep right after church)

First-April Fool's Day. It snuck up on me this year (like most things these days) so I was trying to figure out what to do the night before. I decided on shrunken breakfast. A tiny piece of sausage, mini pancakes, a small scoop of scrambled eggs and a small cup of oj. Here are the confused/upset looks.

Now that they got a full breakfast and are in on the joke they are ready to bring Daddy his. By the way, Hunter is at the stage in his life where it is no longer cool to smile in pictures. He told me he wants to just make a straight face from now on. WHAT? Oh well, I'm sure he will give it up soon, maybe;)

Hunter got a lunch bag full of plastic food (with a lunchable underneath). I was worried he would get mad about it and throw the whole thing away (you never know with this boy these days), but he ended up looking at it before he even left for school. He knows I am always up to something!

Alyssa and Jackson got this. She told me "nooooo", like I was crazy and then they got their lunchable too.

Ok here is the odd Jackson part. He is too funny right now! I'm sure he will hate this picture one day. He sure does love these high heels right now though:)

He loves to put things over his head and squish his face apparently.

Easter morning, bunny eggs inside of toast and they all wanted their initial too. Oh and strawberries, Jackson will just sit there and eat them all day long!

Awww, I have cute kids!

And they even love each other (sometimes).

Love these hot air balloon baskets!


  1. Man, I love your April Fool's Day pranks on the kids! Totally stealing your ideas for next year. And no worries, both my boys love wearing my high heels! hahaha.

  2. What a great mom you are...I love the april fools breakfast and lunch....too fun!