Sunday, April 24, 2011

Alyssa turns 4!

Alyssa's birthday started early....with PINK hair! Psh, kids these days. I never set foot in a salon until I was sixteen! ;) I do love being able to trade with my hairdresser though!

Sassy, sassy!

I just love staying up late the night before birthday's and getting things ready. I love the cute little surprised faces in the morning!

The birthday girl:) Alyssa turned 4 this year. Her birthday fell on a Sunday and she wanted a tea party so we decided to have a family party before church.

Here's all the fun food. Tiny pink sandwiches, heart shaped jello, fruit kabobs and flower shaped chips.

The princesses at their tea party.

Her "other" cake for FHE that night.

Petit fours are the perfect tea party cake!


  1. Ahh! The pink hair is SO CUTE! I love it!!! Please tell me you didn't make those flower shaped chips! Gosh, you are amazing.

  2. I hate this phrase but"OMG" Tracy you are soooo amazing! wow I'm still in awe. I love all your ideas for the kids and I love love Alyssa's hair. I can't believe she is 4 where did the time go?