Monday, August 9, 2010

Being reverent in Sacrament

This is what Jared and Hunter did to occupy themselves during Sacrament meeting this week...

A little commentary, just in case you can't see it very well. On the top one, Jared is throwing Hunter into the basketball hoop. Below that, Hunter is picking up the basketball hoop and smashing Jared on the head with it. I love how creative Hunter is being...;)

Now Jared is throwing a truck at Hunter. (We really aren't a violent family;)) Then below that Hunter drew himself throwing my Dad's semi at Jared.

This is Jared's version of a comic strip, for Hunter.
It is a little tough to see. It is titled "Hunter Meets The Incredible Hulk".


  1. Reverent in Sacrament meeting??? What is that??? :) I guess I just have to wait til Chelsea can draw.