Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bear Lake with the Meldrum's

We had a fun few days hanging out camping with Jared's family. We are grateful for Grandpa who makes it possible for us all to get together each year.

Hanging out at the beach, Jackson loved the water. He kept walking back and forth and screeching because he was having so much fun.

Where did Hunter go? Skinny kid;)

Daddy helping Lyssa make a sand castle.

We don't throw footballs, we eat them.

We found the Bear Lake Monster and tried to offer Hunter to him. Grandpa told the kids that the monster would come in their tents and eat them after they went to sleep.

This was a total model shot, look at the sideways look while running;)

The whole family.

I was not brave enough to get in the water, it was freezing!

These guys are pretty much inseparable.

Close ups of the cute kids

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  1. How fun! I'm totally jealous that the whole family gets together like that.