Monday, February 15, 2010

I love love!

Valentine's Day started with chocolate heart-shaped french toast. Thank goodness for 11am church or breakfast would have been cereal, ughh. :)

Jackson so desperately wanted a picture of himself. He was standing there saying, "uh, uh, uh, uh" while I took Hunter and Alyssa's picture. He loves the camera lately.

What says love more than a plate of bacon? Really, I don't know.

Alyssa's hair before church. We practiced all types of hearts the whole week.

Last year we started a tradition of writing each other little love notes and then reading them after dinner. I am going to take all the notes and make a book out of them and we can add to it each year. Here are some highlights from this year...
-Alyssa and Hunter both love each other because they dance together
-Hunter loves Daddy because he tussles with him (I'm not sure how it started, but tussleing is what they call wrestling) :)
-Alyssa loves Daddy because he gets her applejuiceapplejuiceapplejuice (when she asks me it is "can I have some apple juice?", but Daddy gets it three times, it is very cute and sounds a little like when they say beetle juice three times)
-Jared and I both wrote how we love to play games and watch our favorite shows together, it was almost word for word :)
-We all love Jackson because he is so darn cute!

Daddy and Hunter with heart-shaped hamburgers, yep that's right. They were fun!

Alyssa, Jackson and me. Poor boy was so tired, Sunday's are not very nap friendly.

This Valentine's Day was great! Except that Jared had to work, so we really missed him. I slacked a little, I usually like to put either hearts or balloons in there room so they get excited when they wake up. But all in all we had a wonderful day, it is so nice to take a day to really concentrate on how much and why we love our families. I read online that Kelly Ripa and her husband always spend V-Day with their kids, they never go out without them. It seems like that is what we do, I never really remember going out ON Valentine's Day. What a great idea though, I think my kids deserve a day of being spoiled!

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