Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cookie College

What a fun day we had today! I saw an ad for Cookie College for kids and thought Alyssa would love it. So we got our friend Jana and her daughter Sydney to go with us. It was down at the Naborhood Bakery in Gardner Village. First they gave us a tour of the kitchen and showed us some pretty fun stuff. Then the girls got to start rolling out their dough and cutting it into cookies. Mrs. H showed them how they go in the huge oven. While we waited for them to bake the girls got lunch (both had hot dogs, figures). After lunch they got to decorate the cookies. They each got 3 little containers of icing, 2 of sprinkles and 1 full of candy. The girls had so much fun doing it their own way. So much fun and it only cost $15 a kid. We will definitely go back next year!

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