Friday, January 29, 2010

A week is too long

Jared told me the other day that I haven't blogged in awhile. It had only been a week so I told him that he should do a post. Then I thought, I don't really want a football post on here. Unless he adds a picture of Peyton Manning, then that would be ok.

As you can tell, Jared isn't really the blogging type, maybe someday though. I was thinking of something to post and realized that Alyssa is really into singing right now. Everyday we sing her favorite songs. 5 Little Ducks, 5 Little Monkeys, I then have to ask if they are on the bed or in the trees, but we end up doing both anyway. 5 Little Speckled Frogs (yep, we like to count right now), Popcorn Popping, Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam (although she says sunbean) and I Am A Child Of God. Those are required daily, sometimes two, three, four times a day. Then we sometimes add other ones. It is fun to hear her as she learns more of the words and begins to sing along. She is starting to hold her fingers with 2, 3 and 4 fingers up, she gets so excited when she figures it out and we can just continue the song without stopping to figure it out. After every song she says, "Oh I have another song for you", then tells me what we sing next. Or if she can't think of one she says, "oh I to-got(forgot)", and kinda hangs her head. She is so cute and fun right now. Last night we were sitting around and she made up a baseball song for us. It goes, "baseball, it so fun to baseball". I definitely love having a toddler around :)

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  1. Tracey you are such a good mom! I also love having a toddler around. We sing alot too but if you are singing that much I will just send Carter over and leave the singing to you and Alyssa.