Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Living his dream

Tonight was Hunter's first official Jr. Jazz game. It was so fun! He has been doing clinics and practices for the last couple of weeks, but tonight was the real thing. He did great! Papa was actually home and able to come and watch him play. Oh, sorry about the pictures, I can't get a good light in those gyms.

He got to do the jump ball. Daddy got a great shot of it! Hunter's number is 8 for D-Will, his favorite player.

Here he is waiting on the "bench".

Telling the other team "good job". Hunter scored 14 of the teams 20 points tonight. He did awesome! He also got a couple of assists, once we got him to pass the ball. It was so fun watching him do something he loves and cheering him on! It was so much more entertaining than t-ball. :)
Jackson, Mommy and Alyssa

After the game we decided to get ice cream for him. On the way there Jared said he didn't have his wallet and I wasn't sure where mine was. So with Papa there to rescue us, I would have to say that we conveniently "forgot" our money...
Thanks Papa!

Daddy, Hunter and Papa.

Hunter had to take one of us. Can you tell who his favorite is? Yep, Jackson! The rest of us were an afterthought. I'm glad we actually made it into the picture.

What fun, I am so excited for next week!

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  1. Way to Go Hunter! He is such a little Jared. Jackson look so cute in his picture.