Monday, October 5, 2009

Hunter's Party!!!!!!!

The obstacle course started out Hunter's birthday this year. Here is how it went...they had to walk across this water noodle...

then jump in and out of the basket...

crawl through the crawl tube (thanks Katie!)

slide down the mini slide...


finally they threw the ball into the basket.

Here they are starting the course. We timed them and gave out prizes to the fastest ones.

Hunter got the slowest time because I made him stop so I could get this picture:)

The obstacle course was a hit! The kids kept going back to it and doing it all over again, they loved it!

We also played some flag basketball, they put flags in their pockets and had to try and steal the other ones while they were dribbling the ball.

Hunter being silly while opening presents:)

Basketball cake!
This year was Hunter's first ever friend party so we wanted him to have a lot of fun with his friends. He chose the basketball theme, helped me design the invitations (they were tickets to a b-ball game), and picked the kind of cake he wanted me to make. I think for a friend party with a bunch of crazy boys running around it went really well. Not to mention he made out like a bandit with the Bakugans! Wow our baby is 7! Happy Birthday Hunter!


  1. I know 7 is so crazy. One year to baptism. I can't beleive how fast it's gone. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun. I'm totally going to copy you for Kaitlin & Brock's. Love the cake!

  2. Happy Birthday, Hunter! That obstacle course was genius!