Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Diary of the Meldrum's.

I haven't been taking very many pictures lately and I have it stuck in my head that I need pictures to blog...I don't know why. So I am going to do an update blog, this is what we have been up to....

Hunter--is loving first grade and having friends next door. He plays with his Bakugans a lot still. We have been looking into getting him into an advanced program in school, that kid is just too smart! If he doesn't already know what is being taught, then he usually has it down right away. Most of the advanced programs don't start until 3rd grade, so we will just have to work on some stuff at home. We are so proud of Hunter, he is a blessing to have around. It will be kinda tough if we actually have to teach a child to do something though:)
He is also the best big brother and is still great at entertaining the kids! Except when he said he would trade Alyssa for Neko (my Dad's dog). Or that we should trade Alyssa for Carter so that we could have all boys! :)

Alyssa-- is POTTY TRAINED!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, two weeks ago I told my Dad that she would be in diapers until she was 10. That stubborn child just needs to be in charge. We have a few accidents here and there and she still wears diapers to bed, but all in all this is great! I told her that if she went poop in the big potty that she could get some ice cream. This just isn't any ice cream, because of her allergies she can only have sorbet and we can only get it at Baskin Robbins. So anyway she went poop and we went right out and got her that ice cream, well she seems to think that every time she goes poop she needs ice cream. At $2 a pop I might have to think up another goodie or prize. I am so excited to have only 1 in diapers now!
Alyssa has also shown what a wonderful sister she is. Jackson just adores her and she him. She will go over to tell him good morning, the rest of us don't get a "good morning", and he just lights up! Today she had her hood up and was spinning circles, whenever Jackson got a peek at her face he just laughed and laughed! I love to watch my kids interact and see how much they really care for each other, it is precious.

Jackson--Ahh my sweet baby! He is on a roll lately. His new tricks are rolling everywhere, spinning circles on his belly and sitting up, with a little help. It always amazes me when they get to this moving stage and you leave them in one place, come back a few minutes later and they are all the way across the room. You just think, wait-you can't walk or crawl yet, how did you get there? It is so much fun though! He loves to watch Alyssa or Hunter build towers/castles and then we let him knock them over. That could keep him busy all day. He LOVES to eat, what a pig he is! We have one of those mesh containers that you can put food in and they can gum it away. Well I put some apples in there tonight and he went to town! We haven't found anything that he doesn't like, I am thinking that he will eat anything.
We have had some really cute moments lately...I love when he falls asleep on me, I don't think there is a better feeling in the world than holding a sleeping baby. I was on the computer the other day and bouncing him on my leg and I look down at him and he is about out of it. I wanted to feed him so that he would sleep longer, so I set him down on the floor with Alyssa and Hunter making all kinds of noise around him, not even a minute later he was out! He has also developed a habit of falling asleep in his high chair. I put him in it while I cook dinner since he is getting pretty grumpy by that time and doesn't want to be left on the floor. I guess there is no future in the Food Network for me, I must be a pretty boring cook. I will look over and he is sleeping so soundly. What a good end to our babies, he is amazing!

Jared and Tracy--I don't think there is much going on with us. We did get new callings....we are the ward activities chairpeople or whatever you call it. I am excited to have a calling with Jared. We have had a couple together before, first Primary teachers back when we were first married and then Webelos. I didn't have a clue about the Webelos stuff and we have had so many more years of working together on things since we were teachers. I think we will do a great job and get to know more of our ward.
Jared is almost all healed from his ACL surgery. He gets to go back to full duty at work in about a month. I think he is really looking forward to playing sports again. Plans are already being made for spring time basketball and tennis. I think he is even planning a racquetball "brother-date" for this winter. I feel like he is really in his element being a Dad to our three. He is great with them, much more patient than me! I could learn a thing or two, I hope he doesn't read that. :) I love that Jared takes care of our family so well and that we are able to teach our kids the value of that. It doesn't matter how much stuff we have, as long as we are all trying our best to make our family work. I can't believe it it has been almost 10 years since we met! Time flies when you are having fun!
Let's see, I am just staying really busy with the "womenly jobs" of our calling, helping out at Hunter's school, trying to sell toys and getting past Halloween so that we can get past Thanksgiving so that we can get past Christmas. :) I know that sounds bad, but I really do love this time of year. I have so many fun ideas for each of the holidays and so I get myself overloaded a bit. I love to try and make these times memorable for the kids. I need to remember to slow down a bit and that would probably help with my little patience problem.

All in all life is great and we are thankful to be living it together!


  1. Loved this post....it is great to hear how your kids are doing! Having a kid potty trained is the best! Once it is over that is!

  2. I remember that transition from two kids in diapers to only one. It's seriously the best. you save tons of money and life just gets a lot less messy. Just wait only like another year and a half and you will totally be out :)