Monday, August 24, 2009

My first day of First Grade!

Hunter is a dorkfish when he has a cupcake in his hand. (Hunter)
The night before school started we made Back To School cupcakes! (Mommy)

I like my school desk. My teacher's name is Mr. Abel, he is awesome!

Today is the first time I ate lunch at school. I had ham, green beans, a piece of cake and yogurt.
Hunter brought the yogurt home in his backpack, thinking it was applesauce. Yeah, we had to throw it away. (Mommy)

After school we went to McDonald's for dinner. I got to play basketball.

I went in the bubble.

Silly Daddy...Silly Hunter...Silly Lyssy!
When I got to school Mommy helped me find my class. I found my desk and sat at it. Class started and I was really excited. We talked about ourselves before we went to our first recess. It rained during recess and all the kids stayed under trees. There is a boy in my class that has a robot leg, because when he was born, he had a bad leg. We went to get our food, it was awesome, I got to choose whatever I wanted. After lunch I went to a SUNNY recess, we were playing around on the toys, and of course on the monkey bars. When we got into our class we sat down at our desks and we watched The Magic School Bus. Then we got our backpacks then we went home. I love being in first grade, it is fun being in school all day! Love, HUNTER

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