Sunday, July 5, 2009

Baking, silly kids, bowling and basketball...

I love to bake! I would have to say my favorite thing to do when I am bored is search online for cute things to bake, here are my star cookies and my hamburger cupcakes! The cupcakes are actually supposed to be put alongside sugar cookie fries, maybe next time.

They looked too adorable to not take a picture.

Jackson started laughing at funny things this week, I was playing patty cake with him and he laughed with me, it was cute!

Alyssa loves to stand like this now, so silly.

The kids in the toy baskets

Rock on!

If Alyssa thinks she is not being listened to or seen she does some pretty funny things. This past week I have heard her comforting her baby dolls, "It's okay, I'm here, mommy is here, don't be sad", or singing her little songs to them and having them follow along. She takes Hunter's dinosaurs and lets them go potty. She will mother anything, it does not have to be a doll or dinosaur, just anything she can pick up. It is very funny.

Bowling with Daddy...

Hunter got a strike his first time out. I didn't hear about any of Jared's amazing skills, so I guess Hunter won!

Playing basketball at the church.

Alyssa and Sydney, we think they look so much alike and every time we get together they are dressed almost identically. Today it is green shirts and plaid shorts. I need a better picture with them both looking.

Jared plays basketball with guys from work every week. He is kinda accident prone when playing, probably because he is an aggressive player (WHAT? Jared aggressive, I know WEIRD!). Anyway this week he fell and a guy fell into his knee. Now he is in a knee brace and has an appointment for am MRI in a couple of weeks, I guess we will see how big of a deal this turns out to be. Hopefully it blows over soon, we want Daddy back to himself.

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