Saturday, May 23, 2009

So we went to Target to get our family pictures taken (these are our first since Hunter was about 3 or 4). When I called they wanted to know about the kids personalities so they could help them get better pictures. I told them if you talk to Hunter he will be your best friend, he loves everyone, pretty easy with pictures. Then they ask what Alyssa likes, I had to tell them "no one and nothing". I was racking my brain trying to think of something that would get her to smile. Don't get me wrong, she is happy and smiles at home with us, but when someone else is trying to get her to do anything, forget it. So that is why we had bubbles, it turned out great! Of course Hunter would have either baseball or basketball, he is such a cute boy! We decided to have Jackson get his blessing pictures since his blessing is in about a month, I got his outfit for $3, total steal. Do you love his Dr. Evil pose? It is so nice to finally have a current family picture again, and we had zero meltdowns.!

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  1. Those really are great pictures! I am so glad you started a blog...seeing the family twice a year just isn't enough to remember even just how old everyone is! Anyways cute kids!