Sunday, May 17, 2009


When we bought our car this year, they gave us family Lagoon season passes so we decided to start our summer off with a trip for us, minus Jackson. Heidi offered to keep him so we thought that would be a good chance to spend some time with Hunter and Alyssa without the distractions of a new baby. We had lots of fun! Jared went on Wicked, it made me sick just looking at it. Then we just went on a bunch of kiddie rides. Alyssa would look scared until we said her name and then she would look at us and smile so big. I don't think she realized that such a place could exist! The only thing she didn't like was Puff the Magic Dragon, that scared her. We went on the train ride and saw some baby ducks and some that were still in their eggs with their mamas keeping them warm, it was cute. Hunter got to do bumper cars, perfect for him, just let him get wild and run into stuff and he is happy. Jared and Hunter had fun (and got soaked) on the Rattlesnake Rapids, we can't wait until Alyssa can go. Then right as Hunter got dry he saw the fountain and wanted to play in it, of course Alyssa was too scared:). We brought some sandwiches and had a picnic, the kids think that is lots of fun. It was a great day with the kids. They are so good and for the most part patient with having a new baby at home, it was nice to be able to reward them and also spend some two on two time with them. We have great kids and we love them so much!

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