Friday, February 22, 2013

Funny things I don't want to forget

I should post these things more often.

A while ago I told Jackson it was time for a shower. He asked if we could just wash his hair. I told him we would just wash his hair and his body, he agreed enthusiastically! Now every time it is shower time he says, "ok, I only want to wash my hair and my body". They are so easy to trick when they are young!

Tonight we split a doughnut into four pieces. Hunter is learning fractions right now so he said he would take a fourth of the doughnut. He then asks Alyssa this, "if Jackson and I eat our doughnut and you and Mommy save yours, what fraction is that?" Alyssa replies without skipping a beat, "40 miles per hour".

The other night I asked Jackson who loves him. After naming each person in our family I tell him that there is someone else and I point up to the sky. With a total "lightbulb went off" look on his face, he says "AHHH, a witch!"..... Wait. What??? Guess we have some basics to go over with him.


  1. You should post more often, it gives me a good laugh. I love your kids! You are such a great mom. Loved visiting with you we need to do that more often

  2. I just barely read this. So funny!