Sunday, June 27, 2010

I actually did it!

About 7 weeks ago I decided to train for a 5k. I have never been good at running, but I thought if I tried hard enough I could do it. I usually give up on running after only a few times, if that. My friend Jenne trained with me (even though she didn't need it, she was already good to go). I am thankful that she stuck with me the whole time. She is a big reason that I actually finished this goal. It sucked to begin with though. I could barely run a whole lap at the gym (9 laps is a mile, 3.1 miles is a 5k). I never thought I would make it. After running for a few weeks and hating it, Jenne told me some tricks that she had learned. They seem so common sense now. Concentrating on keeping my breathing even and keeping my hands loose were the two that made the difference. That was the turning point and I knew I could do it. About a week and half before the race I ran 2 miles in 25 minutes without stopping. I was so excited and was actually having fun. I couldn't sleep the night before the race, nerves, I don't know why. That morning turned out to be cold, rainy and WINDY! I didn't mind the cold, it helped me run better. The rain was fine, it kept me cool. The wind was a whole other matter. If it had been at our backs I would have been happy. It blew in our faces the whole time. At points it got so bad that I was running in place! Of course the fact that we were running uphill didn't really help;) But, I finished. And I only walked about 1/2 mile total. I came in at 43 minutes. Not as great as I wanted, but considering everything I am just happy I didn't drop dead;) It felt so good to accomplish something that I set my mind to. Even though I know that being a mother is the best thing I can do and I love it so much, it was great to do something for myself and challenge my abilities. I am excited to run another one and see how I have improved.

Almost done!

Me and Jenne.

Hunter came to cheer me on, thanks Bud!


  1. Awesome job, Tracy! That is DEFINITELY something to feel great about.

  2. We did it! Next time I won't yell at you so much.