Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bye-bye crib

I am not sad to see the crib all. It is so fun moving into this next stage in our lives, knowing we are never going to start over at square one again;)

Jackson was a great crib sleeper, that is until about 2 months ago. I think it was a combo of being really sick and his molars coming in (which by the way only 1 is partially through, they take forever!). He just didn't like being in there. Some days were good, some were bad. We got to a point where he would only go down for a nap, but not at bedtime. Then it got to where I would rock him to sleep and he would wake up the second I laid him in the crib. Finally after getting up every hour for about a week, I just decided to heck with this. He can sleep with me. Then after a couple weeks of him not using the crib at all, I wondered why we even had it still at all. So with my not wanting Jackson to grow up, you would think him being out of the crib would make me sad. Nope, no way. I love that he will cuddle with me again, I love that he will fall asleep anywhere and I love how cute he looks in his toddler bed.
I rock him to sleep at night and he stays in his bed for about 3-4 hours. Then he is my cuddlebug the rest of the night. The night I put the toddler bed up, he wouldn't stop running on it. He loves it! When he wakes up he usually cries until we come get him. A few nights ago though, he got out of bed (probably fell out) and walked into the living room. He was crying of course, but it was still pretty cute. Then just today during his nap I hear a door slam against the wall, then little footprints coming down the hall, then I see a cute little face peek around the couch. He looked so proud of himself that he did it. I love this little guy, what fun he does/will bring to our family.


  1. Holy cow, a bed already! I'm glad it's going well. Can he open his bedroom door? PS I just found your "hair dos" link and I'm flabbergasted at how amazing it is!

  2. I am all about moving them to a big bed sooner than later! Mitchell and Faye were both at 18 not quite that early! But good for him...and you! Awesome!