Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas...wish it came everyday...ok not really

Ok, here we go...
Making sugar cookies, of course Alyssa is eating the flour off the counter. She loves to eat flour, kinda weird. Aren't they so cute hugging?

We like to make our family cookies.

We always go to Mark's on Christmas Eve. This year the kids read "The Three Trees". I love that book.

Grandpa opening presents.

I love this picture. We didn't even know Hunter was there.
This angle makes my forehead look huge, or maybe it is just my forehead that makes my forehead look huge...
While we were sitting here watching the kids open their gifts from Grandma and Grandpa, Jackson leaned backward and was looking at Jared and said, "Da da". I was the first time he has really connected a word with who/what it is. It was too cute!

Christmas Eve at our house.
We all got new pajamas. We don't look as cute as the kids, but I still think we look pretty good :).

Spongebob and Minnie Mouse.

Look at that freaking cute face!!!!!

Christmas morning.
Hunter and his Baku-Gauntlet. It computes the scores while battling with the Bakugan. So it is pretty much a calculator for $25. He loves it though.

The only thing Alyssa wanted was a "sooter". I would tell her, "Santa is going to bring you lots of toys", and she would tell me, "no, a sooter". She rode that thing all day long, until we decided it had to go downstairs. (She ran into Jackson a couple times)

Jackson just hanging around, checking stuff out.

I used my AWESOME sewing skills (yah, right), and made the kids and Jared blankets. Alyssa's is princess, Jared and Jackson got Tennessee (I cut the pillow cases apart to make Jackson's) and Hunter got Bakugan. Everyone likes their except Alyssa, she has another blanket that is her obsession. :)

So here are the pictures with all their gifts.
Hunter got a dartboard so he can get really good and beat Milt. Let's see a keyboard, drumset, punching bag, the Bakugan game for Wii and a few other things.

Alyssa got her "sooter", a sit and spin, Yo Gabba Gabba radio, a broom and some small stuff.

Jackson go a busy ball popper, basketball hoop and a few other things that I really don't know what to call them.

Christmas gets better every year! We love to teach the kids the story of Jesus and help them to understand what we are celebrating. One of out traditions is to watch "Mr. Kreuger's Christmas" on Christmas Eve. I love to see the kids when the lessons click in their brains.
We do an advent countdown with activities to do each day, that is so fun to be able to do something fun with them and feel the anticipation. I am so thankful for my WONDERFUL family, they are the best! Hunter asked us at dinner Christmas night what our best present was and I think his answer said it best, "My best present is that you are my family".

Look at our post below for Alyssa's amazing baking skills :)

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  1. Jackson's face IS freaking cute!! That pic is adorable. Good job on the blankets! Very ambitious and they turned out so cute. I love that Hunter said his best present was his family. What an awesome and smart little man. Glad you had such a good Christmas. Have a happy New Year!