Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Fourth... finally

Well I am finally getting around to blogging about the 4th of July. I had so much catching up to do, I got kinda sick of it. Anyway, we had a busy 4th. It was run, run, run, but the kids had lots of fun so I was happy. This is the first time Jared has had to work the 4th in years so that's why he isn't in any pictures. That morning we went to the Kaysville parade with my dad, bonus mom(stepmom), sisters and bonus sisters. This is the first time I have taken the kids to the parade...they loved it, what is better than standing there catching candy for 2 hours?
Of course Jackson just got spoiled:)

Here is Hunter, Alyssa the their cousin Gavin trying to catch some candy.
Alyssa watching the parade from Papa's shoulders.

We made shirts for the 4th this year, the kids liked it and they are so cute! What a stud!!!!!!

You can't see it very well, but Jackson's is a tie also. P.S. It is awesome to have the only baby right now, he gets spoiled which means I get spoiled. It may have been a busy day, but I was pretty relaxed:)

Alyssa looks like she is showing me a booger, I think she is trying to do a "rock on" sign. Isn't her shirt adorable? You just glue noodles onto a piece of cardboard and then use them as a stamp. When I washed it the silver paint came off, whoops, guess I bought the wrong type.

Hunter and Alyssa are with Loren, Alex and Gavin, some cousins.

After the parade we went to Dad's for a bbq. Jackson is getting loves from Emma (my sister Heidi's daughter). Look at her butt, it is awesome!

Grandma Julie just bought a new water slide, we could hardly pull them away long enough to eat. Dad had to keep looking over during the blessing to make sure no kids had snuck back over. Alyssa is not brave enough to go on the slides yet ( if you saw the kids doing it, you would be a little scared too).

Hunter being crazy!

Here is the big picture, cool huh? I never got to do cool stuff like this when I was a kid. Dad, you are such a softie now
That night we went to Nanny Rose's (my Grandma, the name Nanny Rose came from her never wanting to be called "Granny", then when Hunter was about 2 we got him to call her Granny Rose which turned in to Nanny Rose, her middle name is Rose.) house for fireworks. She lives really close to Layton High so we can see them really well from her house, lots of good memories here. Jackson is a party pooper, he fell asleep before we even got the root beer floats out! He slept right through the noise though.

Gavin and Hunter waiting for the show.

Alyssa looks really sad here, she was actually happy, just really tired. Yes those are sponge curlers in her hair. My friend, Jenne puts them in her girls hair and it turns out so cute. It didn't work very well for Alyssa though. I should add that Jenne was doing the things I do with Alyssa's hair when Shayla was about 9 months old. Needless to say Shayla has a ton more hair than Alyssa. Anyway Alyssa loved the fireworks until she fell asleep halfway through. This was such a good day, I love to spend time with my kids and make good memories. I hope they keep these memories and can tell their kids about the fun things they did when they were kids.


  1. Way cute shirts, you are such a cute mom!

  2. Holy Moly, what a waterslide! That looked awesome. What a fun fourth. Jackson is so cute!