Monday, June 29, 2009

Jackson's Blessing

We blessed Jackson on June 14th, 2009 (his Daddy's birthday). We had a bunch of family support and we want to thank everyone who came and showed their love for Jackson. I thought it would be nice to remember one day who all stood in the circle so here we go; Daddy, Grandpa, Papa, Uncles Fale, Cole, Cody, Deric, Brett, Dale (he is special because he loves my food!) and Kyle (our neighbor and Hunter's church buddy, who can not go out of his house without Hunter going over and talking his ear off). I think I got everyone, if not Jared will let me know.

Our family, in Grandpa's yard.

Daddy and his boy on the big day!

Meldrum side, that is Bekah, Ammon, Aidan, Sadee, Ereka, Alyssa, Hunter and Jackson. We were missing a few.
Jackson side; Jack, Allie, Rhian, Loren, Alex, Alyssa, Hunter, Jackson, Gavin and Miles. We were missing some on this side also.

My mom with Jackson

Cody and Cole

Mom, Kathy and Alyssa

Da Papa(namesake) and Jackson
Grandpa (the other namesake) and Jackson, our kids have the best Grandparents in the world!

The kids were climbing in the trees and it was so cute with the beautiful color coming through, we had to get pictures.

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